Should you be considering making a purchase of a painting shown as "Available" in the Gallery or of other items such as greetings cards please leave me a message via the "Contact me" section on the main menu. At present I will be dealing with orders by email and I will give more information about transactions on a personal basis.

You may find the following general background information useful with regard to the supply of paintings:
Sizes and preparation

The "image size" given for each picture refers to the size of the actual painting without borders or mount. Normally I supply watercolour paintings ready mounted but not framed. The mount consists of a strong card backing and a standard ivory-coloured mount which supports the picture in transit and acts as a border between the picture and the frame. The picture is then ready to be dropped into a frame of your own choice.

Price guide

The price of a painting is broadly related to its size. The following list intended to give you a general idea of the bands for original watercolour paintings:

Very small (1/16 sheet):
Image size 5" x 7" £55

Small (1/8 sheet):
Image size 7" x 10.5" £90

Medium (1/4 sheet):
Image size 10.5"x14" £165

Large (1/2 sheet):
Image size 14" x 21" £275

Very large (full sheet):
Image size 21" x 30" £400